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Empowerment and research based yoga trainings in Europe, Asia, Australia and Middle East.

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Our Programs change the lives of women and the communities they work with. Our programs are based on our research and are open to Our trainings are open to anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of mindful pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Yoga teachers, midwives, doulas, physiotherapists, doctors and pregnant women have attended. In person trainings cultivate a lived sisterhood, connecting women from diverse backgrounds together. Led by our experienced trainers you will be equipped with skills and knowledge to teach Pregnancy, Postnatal and Yoga for Active Birth. Our graduates join our Mindful Birth Teachers Community online and go on to create inspirational programs for pregnant women and their families.


Our programs are delivered in three modules, undertake one or all modules

Module 1: Prenatal Yoga

The place to begin your journey of teaching pregnancy yoga. A comprehensive introduction to the do’s and don’ts and the relevant research you need to know to teach pre natal classes.


Module 2: Post Natal Yoga

The post natal period is precious for mums and babies. Learn how to support women through the physiological and psychological  post partum in specialist and general yoga classes


Module 3: Yoga for Birth

This Module takes your teaching to the next level. A deep dive into evidence based orientations to women’s health, complex issues in pregnancy and learn how to teach Active Birth Workshops.


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Mindful Birth Community

Be part of a global community of practitioners supporting each other to empower women and their families on the journey to becoming parents.

Yoga Australia Registered Training

Our course is registered as a Post Graduate Course with Yoga Australia. It allows a 200hr teacher or a 350hr level teacher to upgrade their registration (350 hour teachers need teaching years to move up to Level 2 (500 hours) with Yoga Australia.

Yoga Alliance Registered Prenatal Training

We are a RPYS (Registered Yoga School). Upon completion of your homework assignments you can register as an RPYT (Registered Pre Natal Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance.

Upcoming Training Locations

Come train with us in person. Join us in the Middle East, Australia, Asia or Europe!

"Thank you Michelle and Jean for this magical, empowering and a wonderful experience. I feel confident to be able to help women enjoy the profound experience of pregnancy and childbirth by being able to offer a safe and nurturing yoga class. You have given me the confidence to teach & support woman through this amazing journey and have also made me look forward to one day experiencing childbirth again with a pleasant and a positive experience. On top of the knowledge and learning, the training provided a space and opportunity to personally heal from a previous birthing experience."

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