Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training

Nervous when a pregnant woman drops in to your general class?


We all know the feeling of overwhelm when someone 33 weeks pregnant turns up to our yoga class!

Modifying a vinyasa flow, for example, to accommodate and include a pregnant or postpartum woman can be tricky!

Getting it wrong can have a lasting impact on the student and their experience of yoga.

What has been your experience?

Michelle Papa, our Co-Founder, has created a 15 minute webinar, where she shares some practical tips for including pregnant and postpartum women in your general and vinyasa classes.

Did we mention that it's free?

Yes, no charge. 

Creating communities of Mindful Birth Educators who support woman through yoga and mindfulness based classes and workshops is where we see how seva; our service.

Michelle will provide prompts and share some tips about:

  • Common concerns when pregnant students drop in to general classes
  • Tips on how to include pregnant and postpartum women in your class
  • What a balanced class looks like
  • Basics on safety of women in class

This webinar takes place every couple of weeks at 8pm AEST.

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This webinar is a snippet from the only ONLINE evidence based accredited Yoga Australia, Pregnancy Teacher Training.

Don't forget to drop us a note when you've completed your viewing.

We'd love to know what you took away and what reflections might have come up for you.

Email us direct at [email protected]


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