Meet our Gradudates - Heidi Law

Our graduates are the heart of Mindful Birth.

Sharing our evidence and research based knowledge coupled with our experience of sharing yoga practice and teachings with women - each graduate makes it their own and applies their own unique and individual strengths to invite women in their communities to explore yoga, mindfulness and their feminine wisdom within. 

Heidi Law is the first of many Mindful Birth graduates that we can't wait to share with you.

We've asked Heidi to share her insights and reflections on all things yoga, working alongside women and training with our education team and her peers at Mindful Birth.

New and fellow yoga teachers and prospective students seeking to practice with our graduates or become a mindful birth teacher themselves we hope will find this monthly introduction useful.

We'd like to introduce you to Heidi Law

We had the pleasure of learning and sharing with Heidi when she undertook Mindful Birth's full, 150 hour program live online from her home in Hong Kong in March of 2021.

You can connect with Heidi on Instagram @heidi.yogi

Heidi says she "Can’t wait to connect, grow and thrive with you all."


A little about you?

I see myself both as a teacher and a student. I teach English and yoga, but constantly looking for ways to deepen my learning and improve my teaching.

What do you most enjoy about teaching pregnancy and post-natal yoga?

It’s a privilege that the moms allow me to witness their unique journeys into pregnancy, not to mention the joy it brings when you see the look of satisfaction on their faces after a fruitful class.

What tips do you give a fellow teacher new to sharing practice with women during pregnancy and childbirth?

Be receptive and compassionate! We are all going through different stages in life and manifest in various ways too! Practice active listening and be inclusive!

What’s your favourite class or theme to teach?

Anything that gets students moving! That makes the savasana feels best!


Sum up your teaching quirks (what makes you, ‘you’ on the mat)?

I value interaction. It is only great when we all pour energy in.

What inspired you to undertake Teacher Training with Mindful Birth?

Mindful Birth offers a comprehensive training, not to mention how knowledgeable and selfless the trainers are! The Active Birth part is the one that draws me in! My perception of labour is radically changed after the training!

What do you learn through your teacher training with mindful birth, that you were surprised about, or didn’t expect to learn?

The most shocking idea to me was the ways to show compassion for one another in a class setting, that includes opting to opening eyes in meditation and using different props to assist. Sometimes the smallest gesture can mean so much to those in need!

What guidance do you have for women seeking to practice yoga during their perinatal years?

Always listen to your body! Your breathing is often the best indicator whether the class or a particular pose is suitable for you or not.


What’s currently informing & inspiring your pregnancy & post-partum teaching?

Books by Thich Nhat Hanh! I often share his words of wisdom with my class!

Where can women practice with you?

I offer my humble service and share knowledge with everyone in Hong Kong. Do follow me on Instagram @heidi.yogi  Can’t wait to connect, grow and thrive with you all.




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