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Training for Yoga Teachers & Health Professionals.

Mindful Birth is the baby of Michelle Papa and Jean Byrne PhD and one of the only Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training programs based on actual research.

Together they co founded Mindful Birth bringing together their experiences as mothers, pregnancy yoga teachers, childbirth educators and Dr Byrne’s research into mindfulness & the childbearing period.



About Jean & Michelle

Jean & Michelle are both long term yoga practitioners who see mindfulness as interwoven into the thread of family life. Jean & Michelle have created Mindful Birth to empower, educate & support women and their partners through the life changing rite of passage 
of becoming parents. They continue their research, publishing both academically and for journals and websites on all things related to birth, pregnancy & parenting, in addition to training Mindful Birth Yoga instructors throughout Australia & Asia. Based in Perth and Sydney they spend their days in the beautiful balancing act that is yoga practice, teaching, training and time with their children, partner & friends. Work meetings are conducted with babies, kids and sometimes partners in tow!

Mindful Birth 
is one of the few pregnancy specific yoga & meditation programs based on research. This program grew out of the Mindfulness Based Childbirth Education (MBCE) pilot study by Dr Jean Byrne and researchers at Curtin University and The University of Western Australia. This 8 week program was a novel interweaving of mindfulness & yoga techniques with skills based childbirth education designed to overcome fear of birth, reduce the stress associated with this life changing time and to educate women to be active during birth, however and wherever they birth. The research findings can be found in BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth Journal and the Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health. Drawing on the latest research and the findings of the MBCE Pilot Study, Mindful Birth now offers trainings to yoga teachers who wish to attain specialist teaching status with Yoga Alliance & Yoga Australia. In addition to the training of future Mindful Birth Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & baby teachers through out Australasia Jean & Michelle continue to offer Pregnancy Yoga, Post Natal Yoga, Active Birth Workshops & Pregnancy Retreats in Perth, Australia.

Mindful Birth is global. Community is at the heart of our self-study and our service in support of women and their families. Our community of teachers are based in Australia, Asia, Europe, America and Middle East.


Dr. Jean Byrne is an Authorised Ashtanga Yoga teacher (KPJAYI Mysore), a Senior Member of the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia and Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 & RPYT, who specialises in the teaching of Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga for Active Birth and Post – natal Yoga. She has taught pregnant women yoga for over 17 years, and is a mother of two boys. More recently she has been facilitating Active Birth and Preparation for Parenting workshops and preparing women physically, emotionally and spiritually for pregnancy and birth through the use of yoga and breath awareness. These workshops and Module Three of the RPYT training are based on her Pilot Study of Mindfulness Based Childbirth Education, the results of which have been published in Bio Med Central Journal of Pregnancy and Childbirth (www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2393/12/126) and the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24325752).

Dr.Byrne also trains pregnancy and post-natal yoga teachers in Perth, Australia where she runs The Yoga Space. She has a keen interest in women’s experience of yoga practice and has a PhD from the University of Queensland. She is also co –editor of Yoga in the Modern World: Contemporary Perspectives (Routledge 2008). She is a qualified Child Birth Educator (Dip Childbirth) and the author of both academic and popular articles on yoga, meditation & eastern philosophy. Together with Michelle Papa she is the co founder of Mindful Birth which offers training to midwives, doulas, yoga teachers and classes and workshops for pregnant women and their partners.


Michelle began practising yoga in 2004 to balance her stressful job, yoga allowed her to connect with a part of herself she had forgotten. Her love for yoga has grown exponentially and in 2007 as she found her ‘yoga home’ at The Yoga Space Perth, where she teaches in the Mysore programme. Now, as part of the living lineage of Ashtanga Yoga her teacher is Sharath Jois and and has made three trips to Mysore, India to practise under his guidance.

Michelle has undertaken the Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at The Yoga Space and has a particular interest in pre and post-natal, a nd yoga for Active Birth. She delivers Active Birthing Workshops and Mindful Birth Retreats which assists women through education and awareness. Michelle is a member of Level 2 Yoga Australia and E-RYT 200/RYT500 with Yoga Alliance. Together with Dr. Jean Byrne, she is the co-founder of Mindful Birth, a registered Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia Pre-natal Teacher Training programme. She has completed specialist pre-natal yoga teacher training with Dr Jean Byrne and has completed a Diploma of Childbirth Education to become a certified Childbirth Educator with Childbirth International.

Michelle teaches pre-natal, post-natal, yin yang and Ashtanga led. She delivers Mindful Birth Teacher Training course in Australia and Asia. Yoga has become an integral part of her life that keeps her centred and grounded. She is the mother of a baby girl, Cassy, born in early 2010 and co owner of Yoga Space Maylands

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